Need some tactical help to get your Shopify store ready to run Facebook Ads?

⚠️ The first step to running Facebook ads is getting your tech setup between Shopify and Facebook. ⚠️

This includes setting up:
Your Pixel (tracking code), Business Manager, Ad Account & Product Catalog.

If the thought of getting all these things set up makes your brain hurt...stay with me!

I can show you how to get this done in just over 60 minutes! 👇


Facebook Ads Pixel & Account Setup for Shopify Sellers is a video course that gives you step-by-step directions that show you how to complete:


$37 (4) (1)

Have a look at what others have said about this course:

"Valuable! This how-to get set-up and sync your systems in order to then sell on FB/run ads was so helpful! Jill is very knowledgeable on the topics and systems and simplifies it all in order to get you to the next step. This course is golden! It will get you over the hump and onto selling professionally in order to run ads."
Amy Bretall
Author & Speaker
"Working with Jill was a godsend. She knows so much about the FB ads space and all the “behind the scenes” stuff. She has a very calming presence. One hundred percent recommend!"
Desert Bloom Bakery
"I was so lost with Facebook's pixel until Jill came along. Jill made it so easy to set up, track, and ensure my data was flowing properly. I wouldn't have been able to run ads without her!"
nina c
Nina Clapperton
She Knows SEO

Hey, I'm Jill!

I get it, Facebook ads can be extremely overwhelming. Just looking inside Ads Manager is enough to induce anxiety.

I have ran Facebook ads for Shopify stores for 8+ years with amazing, life changing results, but it took learning the platform, combined with the right strategies to get that success.

Facebook Ads are not intuitive and if you don’t have a solid guide, you are very likely to waste money and not even be able to tell where it went.

That’s where I come in and help!

My goal is to ensure you fully understand all the options available to you and can confidently make strategic decisions for your product-based business’s Facebook ads.

Let’s start with the basics and get over that hurdle to get you on your way to running Facebook ads!

Hey, I'm Jill!

🚧 Get over the tech set up hurdle and on to running Facebook ads! 💻

All of these tasks can be daunting and take forever to complete without guidance.

Get the step-by-step tactical help you need to get these tasks done and off your to do list!

✔️ Facebook Pixel
✔️ Business Manager
✔️ Ad Account
✔️ Product Catalog
✔️ Facebook Shop
✔️ Ready to run ads!

Checkout now 👇

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