Email design tips to improve your open rates

Many email marketers are unaware that the preview pane in their subscribers’ email applications is the first chance their content must grab the attention. Those that do not allow for a snapshot preview in their content design, consequently, experience an open rates which are lower than expected since their subscribers tend not to read the entire email.

Here are four easy ways to ensure that your next email message preview pane design will grab the attention it deserves:

As a tip, initiate with a blank piece of paper and expose the top third, then the left third, of your next message. Is what you’re seeing in both cases intriguing enough to encourage your subscribers to click?

Second, by allowing for the tiniest of newsletter mastheads, you should compress as much material as possible into these exposed bits. Furthermore, if this material reflect entirely the massage, the possibility of your subscribers opening it grows even more.

Third, don’t jam up the preview section with too many photos. If so, It’s possible that your subscribers will put off responding to these messages until later, which CAN turn into NEVER!

Finally, the wise mail designers will utilize graphics selectively regarding the top part. Even better, they use HTML text and color to create their masthead, rather than graphics, to successfully highlight their message. With that way, subcribers are more tempted to interrupt their train of thought and concentrate on the message.

So, by utilizing your newsletter’s preview pane as a sneak peek mini-summary for your subscribers, you’ll be well on your way to attract a new customer!

It’s very simple – the more interested your readers feel towards the opening lines of your email, the more likely they are to read the rest of it.

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