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Hi! I’m Jill.

7-figure e-commerce business owner & consultant

I am a self proclaimed ecommerce nerd. I love building online businesses that are profitable and am excited to have the opportunity to help you do the same!

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I love building online businesses that are profitable and sustainable and I love having the opportunity to help you do the same!

My online business journey began when I was a teenager selling things on eBay. I started with concert t-shirts and things I found at garage sales and then evolved as I found wholesalers to purchase from and pivoted into home d├ęcor and jewelry. I grew my sales to the point I was able to quit my full time job in commercial insurance.

After I moved my ecommerce business onto its own website, I expanded into the niche of personalized gifts and exceled at email marketing, Facebook and Google Ads. I also opened an Etsy shop and continued to grow to the point my husband was also able to quit his job and run the business with me.

After about 10 years of this, we decided we were ready for a change and successfully sold that business and I decided to venture into niche website investing.

I learned everything I could about WordPress, SEO, digital products and sales funnels. I found a new love in flipping blogs and selling them for profit.

Which brings me to today…and my desire to share my knowledge and help you build and grow a profitable online business!

I have a unique and vast knowledge base of experience to pull from because of the diverse businesses I’ve operated. Along the way I also obtained an AAS degree in Marketing and a BA degree in Business Administration.

So, let’s get started selling your products online!

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